Push To Regen - Season 2 Episode 2

Delayed due to easter, but better late than never, it's Episode 2 of the second season of the Push to Regen Podcast! International super hits! Discussions about the 2014 convention exclusives (hint everyone wants a Resurrection Man!) Hear about the Ginger Elf in Half a Unitard!

All that, and the boys hop into common justice featuring two pieces that have yet to be released, a man who just wants things regulated, and a generic who can steal your mind. After that, they dive into the War of the Light - specifically the Green Lanterns (yeah, they'll be talking Blue, Yellow, and whatever else has been released since they recorded soon, we promise!)

All that, and we hear from you, or awesome listeners.

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Play a piece you've never played! Build a team that's out of your comfort zone! Run a map that gives you fits instead of helping your squad - it's all about improving as a player! And as long as you're having fun, that's what matters - enjoy the game! And remember what we always say - Don't be Afraid to Push!
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