Push to Regen - Episode 30

Well, well, well…

An almost three hour giant-sized episode of the PTR podcast is in your ears! 

We go over the news - 12 days of Clixmas and War of the Light. We also bring back a classic segment - $3 theme teams! Featuring the X-Men versus SCIENCE!

Brian Roll, the Creative Director of HeroClix, was nice enough to join us on the show, and takes part in our 2013 Year In Review. We cap things off with the results of our Video Game Character drunk dial contest, as well as Tweet Mails, Nates Question, and the ever popular Space Canada Facts.

Also, just so you guys know - Rob and I will be taking a short hiatus from the show. A month, maybe two, to recharge the batteries and reinvent the show. We will be back, and when we return, PTR will be better than ever!

Be sure to check in with everyone on the HeroClix sub-reddit at reddit.com/r/heroclix

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00:00:00 - Intro, News, Tomfoolery

00:17:52 - $3 Theme Teams

00:24:13 - Brian Roll Interview, 2013 Year In Review

01:59:08 - Drunk Dials

02:21:11 - Tweet Mails, Nates Question of the Week, Space Canada Facts, Special Thanks, Outro

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