Push to Regen - Episode 15

Happy belated Batman and Hobbit release day!

This week, the guys introduce a momentous format change to a couple segments (resulting in more of the same dreck), talk about the news, and discuss two pieces for Common Justice involving a hoodlum and a - sorry, can't tell you. Spoilers.

Our previews this week involve a character of Liefeldian design, and one who would kill you should you look at her wrong. All that, and we've got our normal tweets, emails, Facebook posts, and the always popular Nate's Question of the Week.

A very Happy Thanksgiving to our U.S. listeners - Rob and Jay are truly thankful that you guys let us be a small part of your lives every couple of weeks by inviting us into your brain. What are you guys thankful for this week?

As a special note - one of our long time listeners, Chuck Boswell, let us know about a scenario he's running, and we really thought it was amazing and wanted to pass it along to you guys. Let us - and thusly, Chuck -  know what you think!


300 points, Golden Age Restricted (no Tactics).

All figures must have the Martial Artist keyword and NOT be able to use HSS.

After a figure makes a successful close combat attack, place a combo token on their character card. Upon receiving a third token, remove all tokens and immediately perform a KILLER COMBO! Roll a d6: the character may immediately perform that many close combat actions as free actions, stopping immediately if any attack roll  misses.

When a character is KO'd, the controller may pay 25¢ to return the figure to its starting area on its starting line. (Points are still awarded for the KO)

The game ends after 50 minutes; highest score of all tables gets the quarters (preferably as store credit).

All games played on crisis time zone maps (for additional mayhem!)

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Our introduction song is "616", produced by Vincent Vandal, performed by Adam Warrock off the album "You Dare Call That Thing Human?" The outro is "The View From Eternity", produced by Ruckus Roboticus, performed by Adam Warrock off the album "The War For Infinity."

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