Push To Regen - Episode 13

For the first time since episode one - the guys don't sound like they're falling asleep!

We recorded this one early last Thursday, and we're really pleased with how it came out. The guys talk about the Marvel Fan Vote, the - at the time - mystery DC set for May, and the new Amazing Spider-Man set!  We also cover a new series of fantastic articles posted on both the Heroclix.com site, as well as the HeroClix sub-reddit at reddit.com/r/heroclix discussing beginner and intermediate tactics, team building, and rules.

We also, unfortunately, review the Tab App.

Our preview picks this week include Robotic Royalty as well as a woman with a terribly dirty power name. Common Justice is once again back, featuring a feline fatale and a generic shapeshifter. Our $3 theme teams this week are inspired by a new video game release, and we cap it all off with a discussion on the strategy of picking your map.

As a side note, a sincere thank you to all involved who provided us feedback on the things you'd like to hear - we're beyond fortunate to have you as listeners, and we only improve when you tell us where we need to grow.

The show closes with our responses to your tweets, emails, and Facebook posts, and then finishes with everyone's favorite, Nate's Question of the Week. Once again, we provide you with over 2 hours of HeroClix nonsense, and hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we had making it.

Our introduction song is "616", produced by Vincent Vandal, performed by Adam Warrock off the album "You Dare Call That Thing Human?" The outro is "The View From Eternity", produced by Ruckus Roboticus, performed by Adam Warrock off the album "The War For Infinity."

You can contact the show in the following ways: pushtoregen@gmail.com,@pushtoregen on Twitter, or by posting a comment about the episode you just listened to, either on the Podbean site, or feel free to leave us a rating and a review on iTunes! Give us a buzz on our Google Voice number (during normal waking hours on the east coast) at 321-236-2549. Also, Like us on Facebook, and join in the discussion! We'll also have a thread started in the A/V section of HCRealms! Don’t be afraid to push!

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