Push to Regen Free Action Round 4 - 2013 Rule Book & PAC Conversation with Brian Rupp & Norman Barth

Welcome to our fourth 'Free Action' special edition episode!

Tonight, we are honored to have on the show the new Rules Arbitrator Brian Rupp, and Lead Developer Norman Barth. With guests of this magnitude, we discuss something game changing - literally. We go over the new 2013 Rules Book, as well as the brand new PAC. We guarantee this is going to set the internet abuzz, and we hope that you guys realize just how exciting these changes are, and how impactful they'll be for our beloved game.

To our regular listeners - we know you're waiting on the 1 year anniversary, but trust us when we say that what you're about to hear will MORE than make up for the delay. That said, the episode will be out next week!

To our new listeners, welcome! We're truly thankful that you're giving our little show a shot - we hope you enjoy what you hear, and stick around for our next episode, or check out some of our older shows!

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Note: While we'd planned on doing a 3PM release, traffic and demand has necessitated an early posting - enjoy!

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