Push to Regen - Episode 26

Look at us with a regular schedule!

In this episode, we talk Worlds, Iron Man 3, and other miscellaneous news coming out of GenCon.

Our Theme Teams this week involve mighty space birds, and you really shouldn't have to guess what Rob ran as a theme team with common justice right after Wolverine and the X-Men dropped.

Our big segment this week goes in depth with what our favorite pieces from each rarity of WatX are, and eventually we go rapid fire on nearly every piece in the set.

All that, plus our awesome listeners tweets and emails - you guys are the best.

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00:00:00 - Intro, Theme, and Nonsense

00:00:58 - News

00:23:19 - Previews

00:29:09 - Map, Theme Team, Common Justice

00:48:35 - Wolverine & The X-Men - Post Release Thoughts

01:32:08 - Tweetmails

02:04:14 - Nate's Question of the Week

02:09:48 - Space Canada Facts, Outro

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