Push to Regen - Episode 22

Episode 22 is here! And you know what that means - shenanigans!

LISTEN!! As we discuss Fear Itself!

MARVEL!! As we talk about the 2013 Convention Exclusives!

ASCERTAIN!! Our opinions of the pieces we'll be missing as retirement sets in!

BELIEVE!! In the power of Spies and Monsters!

ENJOY!! Tweets, emails, and Nate's Question of the Week!

DISCUSS!! Lessons your mom taught you with the hashtags #MomLessons!

Visit the shows website at http://pushtoregen.com!

You can contact the show in the following ways: pushtoregen@gmail.com,@pushtoregen on Twitter, or by posting a comment about the episode you just listened to, either on the Podbean site - http://pushtoregen.podbean.com, or feel free to leave us a rating and a review on iTunes! Give us a buzz on our Google Voice number (during normal waking hours on the east coast) at 321-236-2549. Also, Like us on Facebook, and join in the discussion! We'll also have a thread started in the A/V section of HCRealms! Don’t be afraid to push!

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