Push To Regen - Episode 5

It’s been two weeks, and Jay and Rob are back! This week, the guys take a look at all the new previews that have launched, including Lieutenant Gordon and the GCPD Officer, The Scarecrow, Apocalypse, Doctor Fate, and Superman! They also drop some breaking news - straight from the Realms to your ear, true believer - about the now confirmed Assassins Creed Clix and BioShock Clix! There’s also a little bit of time to go over a little thing called the new Galactic Guardians ATA’s and the new May 2012 Player’s Guide! (Seriously, Wizkids, nice work - love how quickly these were turned around to the community!

Our $3 theme teams continue the eternal struggle between Spy and Robot, while our Common Justice pieces involve an angry man in a speedo, and a guy who’s his own baseball team. That, plus listener emails, listener tweets, and the always popular Nate’s Question of the Week! And did someone mention something about a Super Rare giveaway?

Oh! And we’d like to point out that one of our new listeners is a great Video Podcast by the name of HeroClix Show over on YouTube. Subscribe, like, and check them out - they do awesome work!

Our introduction song is "616", produced by Vincent Vandal, performed by Adam Warrock off the album "You Dare Call That Thing Human?" The outro is "The View From Eternity", produced by Ruckus Roboticus, performed by Adam Warrock off the album "The War For Infinity."

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